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We embrace modern technology, embed state-of-the-art solutions, and accelerate the birth of disruptive innovations in the financial sector.
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We recognize that transformative progress thrives when diverse minds unite. We forge strong partnerships and create synergies internally, and externally.
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We are proud of our solid capabilities and resources. We have the know-how to deliver transformative solutions, and we will continue doing so.
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We empower our ambitions for tomorrow and embrace the future through delivering enlightening insights.
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We encourage our stakeholders to be achievers and authors of their own stories.
We offer custom solutions from start to finish, covering everything from ideation and design to development, testing, growth, and knowledge sharing.
Efigence's mission is to transform the world through exceptional customer service via innovative products and services. Thanks to our partnership with Jeel, we've delivered significant value in the Kingdom and across the Middle East. Jeel's efficient and creative approach underpins our success and customer satisfaction. Their diverse expertise ensures tailored service for every customer, overcoming challenges with a shared commitment to results. Jeel is our trusted partner, delivering the competitive edge our customers deserve.
Karl abbott
Member, Supervisory Board | Efigence
I'm writing to express deep gratitude to Jeel for their exceptional support during Riyad Bank's open banking implementation. Over the past year, Jeel consistently exceeded expectations. They are highly responsive to business needs, possess extensive API industry expertise, and ensure timely project completion. Jeel's flexibility and dedication make them the ideal choice for financial institutions seeking a reliable technical service provider.
Sultan AlBayhani
Open Banking Business Development Manager | Riyad Bank

As a Corporate representative PO collaborating with Jeel on digitizing our relationship management journey (RMWB), my experience was defined by two key factors:
Tailored Solutions: Jeel comprehended our division's unique needs and collaboratively developed a customized product that aligned perfectly with our relationship management goals, contributing significantly to our project's success.
Empowering Relationship Management: Jeel's support in digitizing the relationship management journey empowered our managers by streamlining workflows, enhancing data accessibility, and enabling better decision-making and efficient day-to-day operations.

Fahad Assaf Al-Assali
Product Owner | Riyad Bank
Partnering with Jeel has been a transformative journey marked by their innovative solutions, dedication to excellence, and open communication. Their integration of cutting-edge tech and embrace of unconventional ideas led to remarkable outcomes. Jeel's commitment to quality and problem-solving, along with their understanding of our unique needs, ensured efficient project delivery. If you seek a partner that challenges the status quo and turns ideas into reality, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeel for their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence.
Ashwani Gupta
Director, Engagement & Delivery | Nagarro
Capgemini has proudly partnered with Jeel, a part of Riyad Bank, since its inception. We provide valuable insights on disruptive banking technologies, enhancing Jeel's knowledge and strategic decision-making. Together, we combine creative thinking and data-driven insights to shape innovative solutions and business models. Jeel's commitment to excellence and innovation aligns with our vision, making them a transformative force in shaping KSA's banking future.
Bilel Gueshami
Middle East CEO | Capgemini

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